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Day 2 of get some...

Well today got off to a good start! Work up super early and got my 22 minute cardio work out done followed by a 22 ab workout. And since I still had some time before I needed to get ready I did part of Jillian Micheals Shred it with Weights. My lets were not happy with me, my abs were protesting and sweat was dripping off my face. Then a strange thing happened...I got ready for work and I wasn't nearly as sore as I was when I woke up. Bonus-the scale said I lost 2 lbs! Ohh I'm sure one was from all the sweat.
On sadder news-my uncle in law passed away. You know how relatives seem old and then you realize they aren't that old. That's me with him. I know him from family get together but we never like hung out and chatted. And then it hit me-I will never see him sitting at the table with a beer laughing at my kids and his grand kids.
Back to the diet plan. Here was my day:
Workout: 22 min cardio, 22 min core, 2 rounds of Shred it with Weights
Breakfast: 2 eggs, peppers, mushrooms and celery and a little cheese
Snack: Tiger chai latte with water (no clue what that was but it was good)
Lunch: Tuna in pouch
Snack: Superfood shake
Dinner: Beef enchilada soup. I did something wrong because it didn't taste as good as usual but it was still edible.
That is 3 Reds, 1 Blue, 2 Green, --and 1 shortbread girl scout cookie. yum!

So...maybe you wondering why I have no purple or yellow containers listed. Well, years ago I lost weight on Atkins. I don't follow it completely now as the superfoods is 16-18 carbs by itself but I do still try to stay lower carb. I tried doing Keto which is low carbs and high fat but that was really had to maintain. My goal now is to eat per the containers with veggies and healthy fats etc staying away from heavy carbs that are yellow containers. Ohh and purple is fruits. I love fruit. I'd love to put in my superfoods (AKA shakeology). But I have boys. They consume fruit like water. I order freeze dried fruit and its gone in a day with them. Its ok, I'd prefer they do that then eat my hidden stash of chocolate.


Day 1 of Get Some!

Today did not go as planned. Well, it went according to a plan just not the one in my head. A lovely rain storm woke me up and my alarm forgot to go off. But I still managed to get one work out in this morning which was a 20 min cardio workout. Then I drove up north into snow, slush and very slick roads. I hate snow. I hate slush. I hate when my car slides and the ditch next to the road goes down a few hundred feet. Since I was on the road my meals weren't as good as they could have been, but I didn't eat the gas stations or fast food joints so I'm calling today a win. When I finally got home, my new workout program had arrived!! So I had to try it. Silly me-now I hurt.
I will start by saying I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Which basically means I decided to get my Shakeology at a discount and if anyone wants to try a program I'll try my best to help them find one, stick to it and reach a healthy goal. Why? Because I like being a cheerleader, I like what working out can do for me and I like seeing my friends feel good about themselves (and me too). If you curious about what you see on TV, ask me about it! With that being said- I did the newest workout program and I am jello! Only 22 minutes and I'm jello. My shoulders are taking great pride is telling me they never get worked. OUCH!!
Meal wise today..remember I said I was on the road so...
Breakfast: 2 eggs, cheese, mushrooms and peppers
Snack: Chai Latte with milk (not sure what kind of was a small coffee house)
Lunch: Tuna from the pouch-in the car in a parking lot
Snack: Shakeology Latte flavor with sugar free caramel (reminds me..I need more flavors)
Dinner: Chicken bacon ranch casserole with mushrooms. oddly it tasted like a tuna casserole.
Container wise that equals 4 Reds, 2 Blues, 2 Greens, I think...still learning the system here.
Workouts: 20 min cardio from Turbo Fire and Resistance workout form 22MHC


Weight loss journey starting today

A lot has happened since my last post. Like life. And a few family moves. And a few job changes. This has us really missing a big city and aerospace. However, no matter where you go food is good. And apparently my body decided that after two kids it was time for the mom bod. We have been auguring ever since and the mom bod has been winning. Well today that changes!
I took the plunge into another Beachbody workout program but its not here yet. But I have other programs so here on minimiles blog I will be posting my workouts, meals and weekly weight updates. This isn't easy. I'm usually private about my weight and age (darn gray hairs for selling me out).
As an upper 30's mom of two I am 140.2 lbs and 5 foot 4.Sure BMI says this is fine but I don't feel like it is. I'd like to be 125 with muscle (don't laugh!). So here is my plan: workout strength and cardio 6 days a week, with Sunday being a Yoga day. So here is what I did today...the colors are the containers that 21day fix and other Beachbody programs use
 photo photo-containers.jpg  photo firm.jpg  photo BB_RevAbs_210x100_kit_new.jpg

Exercise: RevAbs Power Intervals 1 with 10 lb weight (25 min without the cooldown)
The Firm Fat Burning Collection: Pump Jump n Jab (I only did 25 of the 45 mins workout)

Diet: Breakfast-2 eggs, celery, bell pepper and cheese (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue)
Snack- Shakelogy with sugar free caramel sauce and 1 tsp oil (1 Red, 1 spoon)
Lunch-Sausage with bell pepper and mushrooms & almonds (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Orange so I thought)
Dinner- Chicken and celery/peppers in a peanut sauce (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 spoon)

And I totally cheated. Zesto's is an awesome ice cream place. Hubby got some bad family news so he NEEDED ice cream so I got a diet coke float.

And now that day is about done-my legs are still on fire (yeah!). I'm not hungry. See you tomorrow for an update.


Home schooling

AJ loves his preschool-however, we don't love the price tag. For what it costs he gets ALOT including lunch, yoga, french, gymnastics. The kid gets more in a week than I do in a year! And he's learning, really learning. Just the other day he commented how my downward dog was wrong and showed me proper form. It was adorable, especially since I wasn't doing downward dog. Taking him completely out of his school for a month a two was considered for the summer but then we decided that we could afford his part time status-especially since he does get so much out of it. Makes the investment worth it.
In the meantime, that leaves two days a week that he is home. Up to now that has meant just playing around all day with a break for food. Then it hit me-why not exploit his love of learning and "teach" him at home? Easier said than researched! The internet provided me with preschool schedules, ideas for learning topics and lots of lesson plans to buy for the home schooler. Well, I'm not a full time homeschooler and funds are tight so I just modified schedules and topics to fit our house. I did learn that for his age 5 mins per topic is good otherwise they lose interest. I didn't have lesson plans at all, just winged it.
Yesterday was our first day. We started off with calender time focusing on the date and day. Then a break followed by art time (which was fun with glitter glue making the letter A out of popsicle sticks). Then off on a walk to find the number 7, then trumpet playing, snack time, signing time, story time, a trip to walmart, lunch, play time, laundry, rest time and computer time building words. Each activity (except eating and walmart shopping) took about 5 mins and then for the next 15 or so min he got to play. This must have wore him about because at 430 he was out-until this morning.
What I have learned? 1. Planning for one kid is hard work! 2. Its better to have a plan for an activity rather than wing it (more work for me). 3. I'm glad I'm only doing this two days a week. 4. I'll take any advice!! The internet helped alot. AJ really enjoyed each activity. I guess we shall see how Thursday goes


Old time dessert

Last night I enjoyed a dessert from my childhood...Wolf Brand Chili. Greatest dessert ever. It all started when we lived in California. Wolf Brand Chili isn't sold there (or here in Nevada for that matter). So my dad would almost hoard the cans we had. His mother would either mail us cases of the greatest Chili ever or when he visited Texas his suitcase would have some cans in it. I loved the stuff just as much as my dad. If I didn't want to finish my dinner, my dad would say "if you eat it all you can have some Wolf Brand Chili for dessert". Ohh yeah! I'd scarf dinner and wait for my bowl of awesomeness to appear. Add some cheese, maybe a side of saltines and I was in a caloric chili stuper! So I raise my bowl of Wolf Brand Chili (tonight with cheese and Fritos) to your bowl of ice cream or pie and declare my dessert the best dessert ever!

PS. It also makes a great meal on its own, with fritos, over hot dogs. So many endless yummy possibilities!


Easter or Spring Festival?

I'm back! He he. You'd think being jobless would give me more time to write-and it does. But I had to get over not having a job, and all the housework. A true housewife can totally stay busy keeping a house completely spotless. Personal I don't like when the highlight of my day is that the stain in the carpet came up. At least my chemistry engineering mind gets a workout with some of the stains and clogs I run into.

On to Easter. There has been much talk on the news about Spring festival and spring spheres all in attempt to separate christianity from the egg hunts and bunny. And for the first time I noticed chocolate Jesus fish along side the chocolate easter bunnys. Its almost as if the chocolate companies are trying to find a way to melt easter and Jesus together. Before I go on keep in mind that I grew up in a secular household (but I was allowed to go to any church I wanted). To me Easter has nothing to do with Christian religion. Pictures with the Easter bunny, eggs hunts and easter baskets is totally unrelated to Jesus's resurrection from the dead. The resurrection is a big part of Christian religion with no mention of a bunny helping him or chewing at the grass near him. These should be two seperate holidays-maybe bunny hunts on Saturday and resurrection celebration on Sunday. I say forgo spring spheres and call them Easter eggs! Happy Easter everyone!!



Working, baby, working school-who has time to blog? We've been busy taking AJ to the Zoo and to NASA. He loves rockets and fish. The other animals didn't quite do it for him. Gotta love those 2 year old minds. Yes he still LOVES hockey. Anyway, what I have had some time for lately is last minute Cricut crafts. I thought i'd post them for you to see.

This one is a sesame portrait of the pointers that were working the 17A mission (mission control position). I've done these for a few flights and as I remember to take pics I'll post them.
AJ really liked this one (he knew all the characters :)

Here is one I did for a coworkers daughter. She is turning three and totally into the princess theme. This actually started a converstation about how all the princess are not dark, and is that really what we want our children to see? Add on top of that the idea of being a princess and not working for anything (except cinderella and mulan) and again are these the values we want our kids to see. Well, you can't talk a three year old out of what she likes, so I made sure to make the darker pincesses dark! (BTW if you go to Disney you'll notice even Jasmine isn't all that dark)

bday folded bday full
Sorry the pics here are fuzzy..not sure why. I think you get the idea thought!


Really, hes not two yet?

AJ has started to a two year old! He started spitting at us and his teachers and now has moved on to hitting and throwing and spitting. He's multi talented in a bad way. It would be sooo easy to just let day care deal with this but that doesn't help his bahavoir at home and is rude. Although I get the impression thats what other parents are doing. Time outs are now common in our house, like every 5 minutes. Before you get all upset that a 20 month old has time outs, he goes into time out until he counts to 5. Yes he can count to 5-actually he can count to 10, but 7,8,9 aren't always in the right order. Timeouts are in the doorway where he can't see anyone or the tv but we can keep an eye on him. If he moves from the corner he has to start over. then we explain to him why what he did was wrong. Because, i doubt after a few mintues of crying he remembers! The reason i write this is because after searching the net it seems most parents rely on spanking and say that not spanking doesnt teach a kid anything. I admit its hard when AJ laughs at us while we are trying to explain what he did wrong or keeps running from time out only for us to replace him in the corner. So, what do you think? Time outs or spanking?
BTW if you wondering what i'll do as he get older, i have a creative mind for punishments that aren't harmful-only time will tell if they work or not!



A couple months back a coworker suggested I read the book Twilight. Look, I haven't even read the Harry Potter series so why would I read another series of books thats now a movie? Well she gave me the book anyway and I read it in two days..then the next book in a day and by the end of the week I had read the whole series. I still haven't seen the movie but thats ok. I even got Gopher to read the books! Skip ahead to now and both Justin and I got a Sony E-reader. We are trying to downsize our library into SD cards. And it turns out you can get library e-books. So we have been doing that and it turns out there are tons of popular vampire related series of books. I just started one called Switch: My sister the Vampire Series. Its meant for preteens..but its cute. And i read parts to AJ when he'll listen. He's prefers his books with pictures. Back to Twilight, in case your wondering I'm Team Edward -well actually Team Leah but thats not a choice. I like her spunk.
So what books would you recommend for a good fun read? If they have it at the library as an ebook I'm all over it (with ebooks you get 2 weeks and then it automatically comes off your computer-NO LATE FEES!).
And so I leave you with this question "Do I dazzle you?"


Bacterial conjunctivitis

Pink eye..another round goes though our house. Only this time its not the viral kind but the bacterial kind. How, you may ask, does pink eye reappear in our quiet little home. Well, our home has an almost 2 year old who shares everything-who also makes the house not quiet! Apparenlty one way to get bacterial pink eye is to wipe your nose and then wipe your eyes. Geez, I'm suprised not every little kid has this! AJ has it now and if any one has any idea for getting eye drops in a twisting, screaming toddler let me know!
In other news, the Hubble shuttle mission is under way. Check it out at Thats about it for now. No more flooding rain or hurricanes to talk off (my fingers are crossed we don't get a hurricane this year!). So whats new with you?


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